We at Express Services, Provide Vehicle For The Transportation Of Tower building Materials or tower maintenence material.

With the rapid increase in the subscriber base of mobile telecom users, telecom service providers have felt the need to often upgrade their cell sites. We at Express Services TSP Division help our customers to upgrade the telecom sites as per their requirements. We carry out both electrical and civil upgradation of cell sites along with any other upgradation work that the client desires. This way we ensure the smooth functioning of these cell sites.

Our Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services are targeted 'Total Care' solutions, that is, complete maintenance management responsibility for our client's communication systems on a 24X7 basis.

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Passive Operation and maintenance services

Our superior management, experienced resources and fast, flexible response to changing and challenging circumstances ensure that client's network operates continuously and reliably. We offer a full suite of services including contractual repairs as well as corrective, preventive, proactive and designed maintenance.

Our teams are project-specific and are well trained in specific skills required for O&M in the telecom industry. Work Scope Includes

Project management as per client's passive infrastructure needs.

Operation and maintenance (O & M) of cell sites.

Solar Energy System for telecom towers.

Security at towers