We at Express Services, Provide Diesel Filling Services For The Mobile Tower.

Under Operation and Maintenance of telecom sites we deal in Diesel Filling. We will provide Diesel Fillers so as to ensure the available 70% of HSD in the DG tank at any point of time. Our Diesel Supervisor will be deployed to maintain diesel records, diesel filling by diesel Fillers, Number of outages due to diesel. He is also responsible for DG average per site.

understand the critical requirement of fuel at cell site. Most of the Indian cellular networks are heavily dependent on standby power supply. As DG sets are primarily used for standby supplies, it needs continuous and timely filling of diesel to run the cell site without outages.

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The Conclusion

This had been considered a low skill job because at the end it requires low skilled manpower to do the job but managing a vast network with 1500-2000 sites, planning the route properly, getting information from OMC for any critically striving site for diesel, managing day to day inventory, reducing pilferage and maintaining fuel quality has not been simple but required a lot of effort, management understanding, monitoring.